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Taqueria La Bamba

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La Bamba - Taking Mexican Cuisine to the next level!

La Bamba is your fun, cheerful, casual Mexican restaurant known for a relaxed dining experience and world-class service. We started our journey in the mid-1980s with chef La Costena's passionate love affair with Mexican and Salvadorian cooking. After twenty years, we are still going strong, with three successful restaurants under our belt that serve fantastic fresh chicken, seafood, and beef entrees recognized by diners as our signature.

The nexus of our greatness springs from the fact that we use the freshest of ingredients to dish up all our culinary creations. La Bamba Mexican Restaurant serves only the choicest seafood and meats, quality beans and rice and our famous tortillas are baked fresh every day. The menu creates a truly enjoyable dining experience and at the core of our offering is homage to authentic Mexican and Salvadorian dishes made from scratch, right in front of you.

We bring energetic, visceral, and a joyful experience in one of America's splendid dining cities!

Our warm and inviting eateries offer classics such as the famous tamales, enchiladas, and cheese papusa. The burritos are massive and filled with crunchy bits of meat, sautéed fresh vegetables, topped with sour cream and guacamole. They don't just sate your appetite but the variety of tasty Mexican flavors is bound to spice up your dining experience. However, if you want to keep it simple then try out our irresistible tacos, which are served with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and different sauces. We specialize in the great Al Pastor Taco, which is a combination of spices, herbs, juices, and a cooking method which gives it a unique taste. Al Pastor Taco is mild, tender with a hint of sweet pineapple that guarantees to satisfy every palate.

Mexican dishes at La bamba are made with the finest ingredients available. Our salsas are prepared fresh all through the day to guarantee the ultimate in flavor. Also, our army of impeccably trained staff flit about creating the most gastronomies Guacamole made with avocados and tamales cooked in the traditional way for the best taste.

These are but a few of the labors we make each day to bring you the real essence of Mexico!


Our food is perfectly appetizing, but the standard Meximerican fare cannot be complete without the delicious beverages. We are famous for our Horchata and Melon, and tamarind drink. Horchata is a refreshing cold drink made of almonds, rice, cinnamon (canella), sugar, and lime zest. This beverage is believed to be a cure for hangovers and is often served at breakfast time in Mexico. So just in case you're looking to quench your late-nightlife thirst on Mountain View's downtown/main-street Castro, drop by at our restaurant, we are open to serve till two in the morning. Apart from this, you can also order our tamarind drink. It is thirst-quenching and has more nutritive value than water or tea, and contains no alcohol or caffeine; you can drink lots of it without upsetting your stomach. Kids love it, and it goes really well with hot and spicy food!


The décor of each of La Bamba restaurants radiates warmth and relaxation. The rustic setting and traditional Mexican touches are charming. Some of the walls are furnished with paintings of that 19th Century and dimmed lighting sets the stage for an intimate dinner. Amenities include full service salsa bar, television, and efficient workers. In fact, our staff is so well organized, fast, and professional that if the line's getting too long, we speed things up by walking that line, taking orders and making sure your order is ready at uncommon speed.

So why go to La Bamba? Because you owe it to yourself to experience real Mexican at least once!

All of our dishes remain faithful to their traditional roots while featuring regional accents and inspired innovation. You'll know exactly what we're talking about once you visit us and order. So what are you waiting for! La Bamba Mexican Restaurant invites you to pamper your senses in an Oasis of strong Mexican flavors and lively fun. Take in the vivacious colors and dramatic ambiance, sip in the famous Horchata. Sample our delicious guacamole - it's authentic Mexican! In fact, at La Bamba we pride ourselves on fashioning a community atmosphere while dishing out unique culinary creations made with freshest of ingredients.

Mexican Restaurant Mountain View

Mexican Food Mountain View   Mexican Food Mountain View   Mexican Restaurants Mountain View   Mexican Cuisine Mountain View

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Here is the information on La Bamba Mexican Restaurant location nearest to you

2058 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View
CA 94043-2402

580 N, Rengstorff Avenue
Mountain View
CA 94043

152 Castro Street
Mountain View
CA 94041

Customer Reviews

Philip S.
Boulder, CO

This place is hands down my favorite place to go for a carnitas burrito. They also have great pork and cheese pupusas, steak quesadillas, and pork tamales. These are some of the things that I have had there and like along with my burrito.

Megan R.
Mountain View, CA

It is hard for me to find a place that will make the burrito I like, and make it taste right (only rice and cheese). I know that sounds weird but trust me most places make it taste just...

Emily K.
Mountain View, CA

We loved the original La Bamba location for years now and the new location is closer to our house. They have a much larger dinning area and outdoor patio siting.

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